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どう dō

どう dō

A healthy body and a peaceful mind cultivated by Eastern philosophy.

The moon and the sun, the positive and the negative, the masculine and the feminine. All things and the phenomena of nature have Yin and Yang - the two opposing forces that are necessary for internal and external balance.

"Yin and Yang” is founded upon an ancient Chinese theory, and it is one of the fundamental concepts in Eastern philosophy. The principle of this theory is that Earth is maintained by the harmony of Yin and Yang.

This theory also applies to the human body. Health is stable when the body is in a state in which the balance between Yin and Yang is sustained. When this balance is lost, one is more likely to feel unwell. Imbalance occurs when triggered by external stress or disturbance of a daily life rhythm. To keep the body, along with the mind and soul healthy, one must recover the original state of balance.

is proposing to bring back a powerfully balanced body by introducing health and beauty regimens based on the Yin and Yang theory into our daily lives.


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