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"" was found by a woman with over 15 years of experience as a nail stylist.
Over the course of her career providing nail care service for countless clients, she gradually realized that it is essential to take care of the balance of the body and the mind in order to nurture the growth of healthy nails.

"" products were born when her long term wish to “create a special line of care items for healthy nails”, encountered her new desire to “provide a moment of healing to modern humans, who tend to lose the balance of body and mind, and help them restore their original health and beauty”.


The idea of the “culture of well-being” born in ancient China is to keep in harmony with nature in daily life, in order to prevent illness and keep healthy.

This has been passed down to Japan, and it is believed that many people adopted this culture of wellness in their lifestyle during the Edo period.

Back then, people were well aware of the change of seasons throughout the year, and that it plays a key role in survival for humans.

Traditional wellness culture casually incorporates into our daily lives, making each and every one of us spark in the most healthy, beautiful way - that is the future "" is aiming for.


Revitalizing ancient tradition and culture to modern lives.

Passing them on not only to our generation but also to the next.

Under these two missions, "" is continuing to develop the best line of products that foster health and beauty, whilst providing lifestyle tips that enrich the mind and the soul.