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This first collection packaging was made in collaboration with Los Angeles based Chinese-American painter Fong Min Liao.

(hereinafter called D) : How did you come to collaborate with ?
Fong (hereinafter called F) : When I was first introduced to the philosophy and brand colors of , I was surprised that they were so close to my work and to the message I wanted to express through it.
The creator of and I are both women who live creatively today, and as we talked about this and that, I felt that I should be involved in , a brand based on the ancient Chinese Yin and Yang theory. Above all, I wanted to contribute to the success of . Wellness has become a big trend, but I've never seen anything like it before. I'm sure it will be a brand loved by many people.
D : Why did you start working as an artist?
F : I was born in San Francisco and grew up exposed to American culture. My upbringing was a bit complicated, and when I was a teenager, I distanced myself from my Chinese culture. I was mentally depressed and felt that I did not know where I belonged. I didn't know what to do even if I wanted to change myself, so I struggled for a long time. But in the summer of 2016, I decided to practice art again as it had always been a passion of mine. I thought it would help me find myself again. So to me, art is like therapy.
D : How do you take care of yourself everyday?
F : Maintaining a healthy mind, soul and body because this is the foundation of life. Mental health is key and it is important to practice self-love. I also nourish my body with Chinese medicine. I take my favorite herbal tinctures every morning.
D : What role do you think art plays?
F : Art is a universal language throughout the world. There is a dialogue between the artist, the work, and the viewer. Sometimes, you can receive the beautiful connections that you have imagined.
D : What do you want to say throughout your work?
F : I wish for my artworks to help you to feel what you need, not what you want. Whether you have a good balance between mind, body and soul, or whether you live within the restrictive modern template of society. I think the biggest gift we humans have is that we can feel things with a delicate sense. Put that awareness a little more towards yourself. Take care of yourself in a comfortable way everyday, look forward, and always be the best version of you. Only then can you shed light on people around you.