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gift wrapping at dō

The origin of the cloth “Tsutsumi” used for gift wrapping at goes back to the Nara period.
At that time, “Tsutsumi” was used as a cloth to wrap special things such as clothing and musical instruments used by monks.
Since the Muromachi period, it has been known as Furoshiki, the name we still use today.
The Shosoin in Todaiji Temple still holds the oldest “Tsutsumi” in Japan.

Tsutsumi” is a sustainable gift wrapping created by traditional Japanese culture. With the desire to foster the mind that loves and cares for all things, we created our original “Tsutsumi”. After using it as a gift wrap, it can also be used as a bag or storage.

how to use furoshiki


* There are two sizes of Tsutsumi. The size will be selected by us according to the size and quantity of the purchased product.
* All the ordered products will be packed and delivered in a single Tsutsumi. If you wish to wrap products individually, you will need to place individual orders.
* Gift wrapping may not be possible depending on the number of items ordered. In that case, we will contact you on the registered email address. Please change the settings on your email so that you can receive emails from the domain just in case.
* We do not sell Tsutsumi on its own and do not accept additional orders.